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It’s Hard to Find so Look Here ↓

6-62 Looking for a light source that is as diverse as it is sleek, Love IT Lighting is the place to satisfy your designer taste. This fixture is an original. We can adapt it to accommodate multiple light sources. For example, this fixture can be redesigned to have, both, a light source directed up towards the sky and another directed downward to highlight the ground. Its sturdy all aluminum construction can withstand all of the seasons. Tested just off the Great South Bay in Long Island, NY, it can withstand every type of weather; high winds, rain, snow and bright sunshine. It is shown here mounted on the wall but with a little imagination and creativity its uses multiply as it can be adapted to sit on top of a pole or to illuminate an intimate dining booth, provide gentle light as a bathroom wall sconce and/or efficient hallway light to guide you throughout your home. It’s implications are, both, commercial and residential.

You can close off either end of the fixture directing the light to suit your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for ambience or practicality Love IT Lighting is all about making your online lighting shopping experience a positive one. This fixture comes in 29 vivid and professional powder-coated colors at no additional cost. We, also, have the capability to provide it to you with an LED light source as well as standard incandescent, metal halide and/or fluorescent light.

This unique rectangular design may be hard to find, but we have it right here at Love IT Lighting’s online store. Stop by today.